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The Kansas Road Team, sponsored by KMCA and the Safety Management Council, promotes highway safety and the importance of trucking to the state's economy. The program uses professional truck drivers to deliver the industry's vital safety and economic message. These individuals continue to drive full-time, but make appearances approximately two to three days per month on behalf of the trucking industry. Audiences include high school driver education classes, civic and service organizations, the media and the general public.

The Kansas Road Team was formed through the Kansas Safety Management Council's efforts to develop an effective tool to communicate information about the trucking industry. The Safety Council established a committee to develop the Kansas Road Team based on the proven record of ATA's America's Road Team. Following approval by the KMCA Board of Directors, the original Road Team Captains were selected in the winter of 1992 and introduced to the media and general public on February 25, 1993.

2022 marked the 29th Anniversary of KMCA's Kansas Road Team Captain Program. Since its inception in 1993, 75 professional truck drivers have served as captains of the Kansas Road Team. Two drivers were chosen as captains for the 2022-2024 term. These two drivers will be our industry spokespeople representing us before a wide array of audiences and events throughout the state. 

2022-2024 kansas road team captains

April Bassett and Christopher McDonald

FedEx Freight, Inc. • Wichita, KS

April has been driving for FedEx Freight for 16 years. She has a total of 1.5 million miles logged and is a Kansas truck driving championship participant. April received her 7-year safe driving award at FedEx Freight and Assists with driver orientation with new drivers onboarding. She is currently on a Non-Profit review board for car show that raises/donates money raised for children with transportation needs and is a VW auto enthusiast. She enjoys Camping, spending time with family and various car projects.

Christopher has been driving for FedEx Freight for 25 years. He has accumulated over 2 million miles earning him a 20-year safe driving award and a 10-year presidents safety award with FedEx Freight. He is currently on the FedEx driver safety review board and has assisted with driver ride/training. Chris participated in his 1st Kansas Truck Driving Championship in 2019. He assisted with Scouts and enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and fishing.

THE KANSAS ROAD TEAM CAPTAINS FOR 2018-2022 Who have agreed to continue serving as Road team captains when needed:


         John Bouddhara           Jason Damron            Travis Harries               Mark McNeely              Robert Oswald              Matt Rohrer

    FedEx Freight        Convoy Systems LLC Walmart Transport. FedEx Freight Walmart Transport. Walmart Transport.

Wichita, KS    Edwardsville, KS       Andover, KS     Bonner Springs, KS Boonville, MO   Falls City, NE



If you are interested in becoming a Kansas Road Team Member for the 2024-2026 term, Please call our office at (785) 267-1641 for more information and updates as they become available. 

KMCA is soliciting nominations of professional truck drivers, both men and women, who can deliver our industry’s message from the unique perspective of a truck driver. Successful candidates must be willing to spend one to two days per month during a 24-month period following the selection and training process to meet with the news media, speak before civic, industry and other audiences, appear at trucking industry events and to school students -- particularly driver education students.

KMCA provides training, uniforms and support materials including videotapes and literature.


1. Nominees must have been continuously employed as a full-time truck driver for the past 12 months and currently employed by a KMCA member as a full-time truck driver.

2. Nominees must possess an outstanding safety record and must maintain an accident-free record and have no convictions for any moving violation in both the truck and personal vehicle for the previous three years.

3. Nominees must be able to clearly and convincingly communicate their commitment to safety and courtesy. They must be able to represent a positive image of professionalism.

4. If selected, the nominee must be willing to spend one to two days each month traveling and speaking on behalf of the Kansas trucking industry.

5. The nominating company shall continue to pay the salary and provide benefits and insurance to the driver while he/she is traveling for the Road Team. In selecting the representatives, emphasis will be placed on driver’s safety record and ability to speak knowledgeably about the trucking industry.


The nominator must be a motor carrier executive with the authority to commit his/her company’s support for the program. The nominator also should confirm before submitting the nomination that the candidate is willing to participate in the program.

After the individual has been nominated, it is the nominator’s responsibility to immediately notify the Kansas Road Team office at KMCA if the candidate becomes ineligible at any time during the selection process.

Once nominations are closed, the Kansas Safety Management Council will announce a group of finalists who will come to Topeka for two days in March where a panel of judges representing industry-related business, communication and public relations will select the 2022-2024 Kansas Road Team captains.

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